A reminder that beginning December 1, 2019, the Lifeline minimum service standards will increase as follows with the specific changes highlighted in orange:

  • Fixed Broadband – 20/3 with 1024 GB of usage per month
    Exception – if 20/3 is unavailable at the subscriber’s location, the Lifeline benefit can be applied toward the highest performing fixed broadband residential offering available but must be at least 4/1
  • Mobile Broadband – 8.75 GB/month with 3G or better mobile technology
  • Mobile Voice – 1,000 minutes per month (no change)
  • Fixed voice – No minimum service standard (no change)
    Note that effective December 1, 2019, the Lifeline benefit for voice service will decrease from $9.25 to $7.25

If the subscriber is receiving a bundled service, the Lifeline benefit must be applied to one of the services in the bundle and the service it’s applied to must meet the minimum standards. 


Customers who currently subscribe to Lifeline-supported services that will no longer meet the minimum standards on December 1, 2019 must be notified at least one month in advance. The notification should explain that their service will no longer qualify for Lifeline as of December 1, 2019 and they can either switch to a Lifeline-supported plan or de-enroll from the Lifeline program. 


Please contact Courtney Spears (830.895.7221, cspears@gvnw.com) or Steve Gatto (830.895.7226, sgatto@gvnw.com) with any questions or concerns.