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By Jeff Smith / GVNW CEO

The next chapter for inter-carrier compensation reform.

The March 23, 2018 FCC Report and Order, Third Order on Reconsideration and Notice of Proposed Rulemaking [FCC 18-29] revealed important steps for federal universal service funding and established a comment round on May 25 and replies on June 25. With that timing set,...

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Who is ready for the next big challenge?

What's Around The Corner (WATC) returns from a holiday break with many issues facing the rural broadband industry in 2018. The FCC is poised to invest an additional $540,000,000 over the next decade in federal universal service funding for both ACAM and legacy...

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Addendum to FCC Draft Order to Restore Internet Freedom (RIF)

Responding to several requests for five pages on the three major areas of transparency, paid prioritization, and interconnection, Mr. Cohen was feeling spunky with half a page of white space left on page 5. He thus added ten more important topical areas, so we have a...

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FCC Draft Order on Restoring Internet Freedom (RIF)

After the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released its draft Order on Restoring Internet Freedom (RIF) on November 22, 2017, there are now two things related to this topic that are a virtual certainty. The first is that the Commission will approve this draft...

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