Provisioning & LNP

GVNW’s Provisioning and LNP Services will help your company save time, money and improve overall efficiency so you can focus on customer retention and acquisition.

Provisioning & LNP

GVNW’s Provisioning & LNP services will help your company save time, money and improve overall efficiency. As a result, your company can focus on customer retention and acquisition.

Why turn to GVNW for your LNP initiative?

Our team of experts can assist with all elements of the LNP process and also help you avoid the incorrect information that leads to increased cost, as well as communication breakdowns between vendors, carriers and customers.

GVNW will also interface directly with interconnecting parties to help your telecom business capture potential revenue, determine desired services and establish implementation dates to ensure accurate and timely responses to porting requests.

  • Present LNP relevant data at a centralized location
  • Escalate pending orders based on predefined criteria
  • Generate and deliver statistical data reports to executives
  • Notify customers of porting problems or delays
  • Update LNP status and database
Contact us today to discuss how our Provisioning & LNP services can help your company. 

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